Detailed Surf Report: Buxton

Tide: Low 10:50 am/ High 5:28 am/ Low 11:56 pm

Hey guys, This is Curtis, down here in Buxton with your Friday morning surf report. The swell is around Waist high. The wind is out of  the SSW. at around 5 to 10 mph. There’s really not much out there. It is inconsistent and poor shape, but like always there is a few that make me put my board in the truck and go back for a morning session.

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CurtisCurtis Cromwell moved to Hatteras Island in 1993. Shortly thereafter, he met his wife and decided to make the island his permanent residence. Being an avid skateboarder all his life, moving to the beach opened up new board sport opportunities: surfing and skimming. After a few years of surfing and skimming, Curtis became interested in how the boards were built and perused a career in the board industry at Natural Art Surf Shop in Buxton. Starting out repairing surfboards under the guidance of Scott Busbey and Tom Hardee, he worked his way up to being the glasser for In The Eye surfboards. Through research and development, Curtis brought vacuum bagging technology to board building on the Outer Banks. Using this process, in 2008 he developed his own line of skimboards, Shortbus Skimboards.View all posts by Curtis →

  1. LuskyLusky02-22-2012

    Thanks for the report Curtis! I know it was tough not paddling out soon as you saw it. You da man. I’m sure your in the tube right now!

    • CurtisCurtis02-23-2012

      Thanks, I enjoy looking at the ocean I don’t see how something that never sleep can be so beautiful. I wish I could have paddled out but I had major back surgery 18 months ago and it is back to haunt me.
      Thanks again

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