Fishing Report

Fishing Report for 4/17/2014

MG 1813

Whats happenin’ out there? This is Captain Dave Lusk of Salt Minded Fishing Charters for a spring time fishing update.  Now that I have had a couple charters under my belt, I suppose it’s time for a fishing report.   We have had some exceptional puppy drum fishing in the sound.  But before you get too excited – the fish are …

Local Fishing News

Video: “Fishing with the Beastons”

Video Fishing With The Beastons

Another video for all you fisherman out there. This one’s featuring three brothers hanging out together, doing what the love, …

Save the Atlantic and Oppose Seismic Testing

Seismic Slider

“The Department of Interior is moving forward with its seismic testing in the Mid- and South Atlantic Ocean to assess …

Video: “2013 Montage” By Matt Lusk

Video 2013 Montage By Matt Lusk

This video is for all you fisherman out there. Local surf photographer, Matt Lusk, recently put together a montage of …

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